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Poker A to Z 

Active Player – This refers to a player that is still active in the game.

Add-on – This means to buy any additional chips in a tournament.

All-in or “Going all-in” - This term is used for betting or wagering all chips. In no-limit poker players may go all-in even if they don’t have enough chips to meet the stakes raised by another players.

Ante – This term is used in card games; the initial or original bet to get the game started.

Bag – This expression is used mainly in the UK, a British expression meaning a thousand. For example, ‘three bag’ means three thousand.

Bank Roll – This is sometimes referred to as ‘Roll’ or ‘Wad’ (as in ‘wad’ of cash) this is the total money that the player or casino has to back their wagering activities. Some players build up a significant ‘Bankroll’, and then cash out.

Barred – This is also referred to as “Banned”. This means you are barred or black listed from the casino or online casino permanently. Something that must be avoided at all costs. 

Bet – This means a ‘wager’ or to place a bet.

Betting Limit – This is the minimum or maximum amount of money a player may bet or wager on different games. Depending on the casino or online casino, different games may have different limits.

Bluff – Used mainly in Poker. If one player tries to trick the others into thinking he/she has a high winning hand, he or she is bluffing. You can try and bluff the opponents by raising the stakes even though the cards you are holding are worth nothing. 

Board – Term used in Poker; the community cards are dealt face up in the center of the ‘board’.

Boat – This is anther term that describes a ‘Full House’.

Bonus – Free money given to players; can be given upon sign-up with certain online casinos.

Brick – Term used in Poker; refers to a card that does not help a player’s poker hand. It is also known as a ‘Blank’ in 7-card stud.

Bump – To ‘raise’

Burn Cards – These are the cards that are removed from the top of the deck by the dealer and put into the discard pile. 

Bust – A player who loses all of his/her money is said to go bust.

Buy In – Before entering a table (entering the game), like Blackjack, Roulette, Poker or Craps, you must exchange cash for chips and ‘buy into’ the game.

Call – When you are called in Poker it refers to matching the current bet on the table.

Check – Also referred to as a ‘chip’, a gambler can choose to ‘check’ instead of placing a bet.

Chip Dumping - A player who purposely looses ‘Chips’ to another player. It’s a big no-no. This usually occurs in partnership. Two friends join the table; one aids the other by dumping his chips (purposely loosing), to increase the others chance of winning. In basic terms it is simply ‘money laundering’ Poker style. If you get caught doing this on the Internet you can be banned for life.

Crossroader – Originally an old term used in the ‘Wild West’ to describe a cheater; those who cheated at saloons usually located at a Crossroad. The term is still used today to describe a cheater even online. 

Deposit – Term used with online casinos; refers to a payment made by credit card or other form of deposit methods to play with real money online.

Dime – refers to a $1000 wager; ‘he bet a dime’.

Down to the Felt – To be completely out of money. A gambler who is completely broke.

Draw – The initial word “draw” in online casinos can have different meanings, however it basically means the player is getting additional cards to improve his or her hand.


Face Cards – refers to the Jack, Queen or King in a deck of cards.

Fifth Street – In Texas Hold’em, the term fifth street refers to the fifth and final card received.

Fill – This is a player who draws a card that makes a five-card hand, which hopefully is a straight, flush, full house or straight flush.

Fill-up – This refers to a full-house or the player ‘fills’ a full house.

Fish – This is the term used to describe a new under skilled player; it is said if you can’t spot a fish at the table then you are the new fish.

Flat Betting – This refers to a player who chooses to place the same amount on every wager; for example: a player who bets $20 on every play is said to be ‘Flat Betting’.

Flop – In Texas Hold’em this is the first three community cards dealt. They are referred to as the ‘flop’.

Fourth Street – This is referred to as the second round of betting because players have four cards total in their hand.


Gamblers Anonymous – (www.gamblersanonymous.org) A support group that helps addictive or compulsive gamblers; a group that assists problem gamblers.

Going all in – This is also known as ‘all-in and it refers to a player who wagers all of his/her chips in Poker. The term used in Poker for a player who ‘calls’ the wager by betting everything they have. If the game is no-limit Poker, a player can go all-in even if they do not have enough to meet the original wager.

Hand – The cards a player holds is called a ‘Hand’.

High Roller – This refers to a player who wagers very large bets; you can find plenty of High Rollers in various Poker rooms.

Hole Cards – The first two cards dealt to each player face down in Texas Hold’em is referred to as Hole Cards. 



Kicker – This term is used in draw Poker. It referrers to a card held that does not contribute to a straight flush. For example: an Ace or King.

Layout – The cloth on gaming tables that tell you through markings were to place wagers.

Lobby – Within casino software after download, the virtual lobby acts like a menu by letting you choose the game and gives you access to new promotions or the latest news.

Match Play – Term used in tournaments; referrers to the system in which points are awarded to players. Usually involves two players who play against each other and the winner receives points (1pt, 2pt, 3pt).

Mechanic – Slang or jargon used to refer to a dealer who is a cheat.

Multi-Player Casinos – A feature found with online casinos that lets you play against other players.


Odds – Basic probabilities; in casino terms the chances given on any game of the player winning. The player, depending on these chances and probabilities, is awarded a sum of money plus their stake in some cases.

On Tilt – is when a player has a bad reaction on an unlucky hand; ‘he is going tilt on that play’. This is not looked at kindly by casinos and online casinos as well. Players risk being barred.

Open – Term used in Poker to refer to the player who places a bet first.

Pat – When referring to Poker it means a hand that does not need any more hands or additional cards.

Pigeon – ‘The Dumb Gambler’; uneducated, gullible and not very well mannered.

Playing the Rush – Term used in Poker; refers to a player who experiences a run of good luck in a short amount of time. The player wins a large ‘pot’ of money with one hand or with several hands played close together.

Pocket Cards – Term used in Poker; refers to the cards dealt to players that are face down, these are called ‘Pocket Cards’.

Pot – Term used in Poker to describe the accumulation of money found in the center of the table; winner takes the pot.

Quads – Term used in Poker; means four of a kind.

Qualifier – Term used in Poker; the minimum ranking a hand must have in order to take part.

River – The final card dealt in Hold’em; staying in until the fifth round of betting is called ‘going to the river’. Royal Flush – AKA Royal Straight Flush or just Royal; this is an Ace High straight flush, which includes Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten all the same suit. This is a killer hand and one of the best possible Poker hands.

Shark – A great and experienced player posing as a “fish” early in the game.

Singleton – a card that is the only one of its rank.

Stack – a stack of chips

Suit – Four types in a deck of cards; clubs, hearts, diamonds and spades

Table Stakes – Betting and wagering is limited to the amount of money the player has in front of them.

Three of a kind – three cards of the same rank.

Tournament – a competition between a group of players over a certain period of time.

Trips – three cards of the same rank


VIP – very important person or high roller in Poker

Wager – any bet